What is Wellmie?

Wellmie is an application that measures the effectiveness of wellness- and health services. Wellmie enables an entrepreneur or an institution to track effectiveness data in the three categories of organizational, service, or customer level effectiveness.

The indicators used for the application are scientifically tested and validated or may be customized for businesses on a case-by-case basis.

The software package includes the browser-based Wellmie platform for organisational use, and the browser and mobile based applications for customer use.

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Who can benefit from Wellmie?

The Wellmie application is a tool for coordinating activities informed by effectiveness data, designed for businesses and institutions. Wellmie enhances digital interactivity between organisations and their customers and allows for an organisation to react to any customer-centric needs for service adjustment based on the customer’s progress data collected by the application. Meanwhile customers receive real time information about their progress through the application, as well as how that progress has affected their wellness during the use of the service.

Why adopt Wellmie?

Wellmie enhances both business competency and organisational coordination by tracking service effectiveness in real time using cutting edge technology.

Effectiveness-tracking provides fact-based information for supporting customer experience development, leadership, and marketing. Fact-based effectiveness metrics are a valuable asset for supporting service quality and content development, as well as for planning and supporting business growth.

Who are the developers of Wellmie?

The multidisciplinary development team at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK) research and development unit Active Life Lab has designed the Wellmie application in cooperation with various South-Savonian wellness and healthcare companies.

The application and software package were developed as a part of the “WellmiePRO – wellbeing service effectiveness platform” project during 01.06.2019 – 31.05.2021.

The WellmiePro project is funded by the European Union regional development fund.

Who to contact regarding Wellmie?

Contact us, and we will open communications within 24 hours!

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How to begin using Wellmie?

We will respond to contact request forms with the method of contact of your choosing, and Wellmie experts can provide implementation support tailored for the needs of your company.

You may use the open information field to contextualize your inquiry for us on the contact information page.

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Pricing of services

The WellMie software package and the selection of validated standard indicators is available for free. WellMie is actively updated with new validated indicators.

The inclusion of customized indicators is paid for on a case-by-case commission basis.

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